Must Kast is a theatre, which operates since 27th of March 2014 at Genialistide Klubi, Tartu, Estonia. We create spectacles for both children and grown-ups and value direct communication with our audience. Our performances are known for their physicality and rejuvenating energy.

“Must Kast” is Estonian for “black box”, a type of stage that is open to a million possibilities for the theatre miracle to be born. That is what Must Kast as a theatre believes in – the birth of magic without formal predescriptions. A theatre that does not manifest itself in words, but in actions; a theatre that is growing with its audience; a theatre that without lowering artistic standards can address anyone.

If you’re interested in seeing theatre in Tartu (or in Estonia overall, as we perform in other places as well) don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll happily advise you about anything concerning our shows. Also, if you’re interested in inviting us abroad – let’s see what we can do! Just write a letter and we’ll see you around!